Don't say it!

This point has been made before on this blog, but bears repeating to husbands. You should NEVER NEVER EVER comment to your wife on the hotness/attractiveness of another woman, even if referring to a celebrity who most likely you will never meet (nor will she even be aware of your existence).

For example, I think Ruth Wilson of the Showtime TV series The Affair is not only a great actress but also possesses great hair, great eyes, great legs, perky breasts, and an amazingly sensuous upper lip. However, to relay any of these completely accurate observations to my wife will only result in discord, disgust, and the doghouse. It will not increase her interest in having sex with me. It will not motivate her to work out more often. If you simply cannot contain your enthusiasm for another woman's appearance, say it to your male friends/drinking buddies. This will likely lead to an enlightening group conversation about a number of women, which of course should NOT be recorded and posted on social media.

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